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Every year the ACCL carries out a competition for the best Bachelor and Master thesis submitted at a Swiss University of Applied Sciences in the areas of antitrust law and competition economics, honoring the winners with the ACCL Bachelor and ACCL Master Award respectively. By means of these awards, the ACCL wishes to contribute to the promotion of young talent and to bring theory and practice closer together in the areas of antitrust law and competition economics.



Prof. Dr. Blaise Carron, LL.M. (UNINE)


Dr. Jürg Borer (Borer Lawyers)

Prof. Dr. Simon Evenett (UNISG)

Prof. Dr. Jens Lehne (ZHAW)

Prof. Dr. Rudolf Minsch (economiesuisse)

Dr. Olivier Schaller, LL.M. (WEKO)


Dr. Daniel Schiess (WEKO)


Bachelor and Master theses in the areas in competition economics and antitrust law are approved for submission if they scientifically or by their practical relevance stand out. The theses need to have been successfully submitted in 2020 at University or a University of Applies Sciences, in order to be considered for the ACCL award.  Each author is entitled to submit only one Bachelor or Master thesis.


21st March 2021

Call for papers

Evaluation & Prizes

The evaluation will be made by a jury composed of experts in antitrust law and competition economics. The organization of the prices requires that by the deadline, at least ten bachelor and master theses have been submitted.

The ACCL, in cooperation with  AGON Partners, awards the following prizes for the best Bachelor and Master thesis:

ACCL Bachelor Award :

Free participation on six Compliance in Excellence Events (equivalent to approx. CHF 1000)

Free ACCL membership for  2 years

ACCL Master Award :

Free participation in the CAS International Competition Law and Compliance program (equivalent to approx. CHF 4500)

Free ACCL membership for  2 years

The award is usually presented at the beginning of the fall semester. The award winning bachelor and master theses will be briefly presented by their respective authors.

Award winning theses

ACCL Master Award

2018: Roman Zeller, University of Zurich
The use of IT systems as a coordinated behavior

2017: Reto Schneider, Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW)

Antitrust admissibility of working groups (ARGE)

2016: Reto Ragettli, University of Basel 

The guarantees of Art. 6 ECHR in the voluntary disclosure procedure in cartel law - taking into account European and German cartel law

2015: Martin Reimann, University of Basel

Cartel fines similar to criminal law in accordance with Art. 49a Para. 1 KG

2014: Michel Jutzeler, University of Basel
Procedural problems of sanctions in antitrust law: Antitrust law in the light of the ECHR

ACCL Bachelor Award

2017: Céline Spahn, University  of Zurich

The admissibility of purchasing groups under Swiss and European antitrust law

2014: Flavio von Rickenbach, University  of Bern
Restriction of competition through the non-competition clause: A theoretical consideration

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